We met some amazing creative people last week at Sydney InDesign. It was great to work with Habitus Living magazine to develop a space that people could come to enjoy a business meeting, sit and reflect on the exhibition, or simply relax with a drink and enjoy the atmosphere. Our garden also hosted the successful book launch of Dr Paul McGillick ‘The Sustainable Asian House’. Followed by some tunes from Tony Edwards.
Thank you to ALPINE Nurseries for supplying the 1500 or so plants – some of which were over 6m in height – they made the space. Thank you also to Hardware and General, Gardens at Night, Classique and Gardenlife for the product you supplied. It all came together beautifully.
It was really great to chat with everyone who came to the event. Thank you so much for making the effort!
“Photographs by David Curzon www.dcpd.com.au”